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Thank u 4 this welcome platform! When I sit I hear the blood flow in my head very easily. I am so familiar with it I call it the ‘hum’ of the universe. Thoughts come and go and the ‘hum’ remains. I try to bring my attention to the breath but I keep going back to the ‘hum’ ???

Moments of mindfulness

I've found recently that throughout my day (often on days where I have practiced zazen in the morning) moments of mindfulness will come to me out of the blue. A sound, smell, thought, etc. will prompt a fleeting moment of clarity, but in the context of work or an environment where I am required to complete tasks, these moments are quickly washed away by the busyness of whatever I am doing. How can I cultivate these moments and use them to bring more mindfulness into my daily life, while still being able to maintain focus on whatever task it is my work requires me to complete?

Escape through zazen

Recently, I have been using zazen as a form of escape. When I feel overwhelmed or frustrated, I just want to go sit so I can have some peace and quiet and get away from it all. My intuition tells me I should not be using my practice as an escape from my suffering. Do you have any thoughts or advice on this?